Making Festivals in Loudoun County Accessible for Everyone

At Loudoun County, we are dedicated to providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in recreational programs and foster a community of respect. Our free event is designed to showcase a variety of resources available to people with disabilities, including representatives from the county government and organizations that offer educational, employment, and recreational opportunities. We understand that accommodations are essential for people with disabilities to be able to take part in activities. To ensure that everyone has access to our services, we prioritize eliminating barriers in existing facilities.

We also take into account an applicant's prior use of modifications, adaptations, or ancillary aids or services in similar testing environments or in accordance with an IEP or a Section 504 plan. This helps us determine the exam modifications that would be applicable in a given circumstance. At the same time, we understand that providing certain accommodations may result in a fundamental alteration of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, benefits, or accommodations offered or an undue burden. Therefore, we strive to make sure that people with disabilities have access to accessible facilities without compromising our services.

We also have a safe harbor in place that promotes good faith compliance by public accommodations and allows us to assess our capacity to accommodate other energy-powered mobility devices. When tickets for events with property rights in accessible seating areas are lost or returned to us, we make reasonable modifications to our policies, practices, or procedures so that people with mobility disabilities or those who require the features of accessible seating can purchase such tickets. We also consider factors such as the nature of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, benefits, or accommodations offered when determining what type of support and ancillary services are needed. In many cases, we are able to develop policies that allow the use of other mobility devices powered by electrical energy without causing a fundamental alteration of our goods and services. We also provide exceptions for historic properties where it is not possible to provide access using special access provisions of the ADAAG. At Loudoun County, we are committed to providing equal access and opportunities for people with disabilities so they can participate in recreational activities and enjoy all that our county has to offer.

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