Bringing Your Own Food and Drinks to a Festival in Loudoun County

Are you planning to attend a festival in Loudoun County and looking for the answer to the question if you can bring your own food and drinks? The answer is yes! All caterers who wish to operate a permitted economate kitchen must obtain their own food establishment permit upon completion of the meal. The brewery at the festival may offer some pre-packaged foods and sometimes have food trucks, but you can also bring your own food. We usually bring a picnic when we visit. You can sit in the tavern or on the patio to enjoy your meal. Operators are expected to take the mobile unit to the Loudoun County Health Department every year to have it inspected and issued a permit.

Any change of owner or new owner of an authorized food establishment that has been previously approved by the Loudoun County Health Department must apply for a permit before operating by completing the second part of the food establishment plan review package (PDF).For a completely different drinking experience in Loudoun County, visit MacDowell's, in the heart of Leesburg, for an outdoor beach party. Once construction is complete, the second part of the Food Establishment Plan Review Package (PDF) must be completed, which includes a pre-opening inspection of the Loudoun County Health Department. So, if you're looking for an exciting festival experience in Loudoun County, don't forget to pack your own food and drinks!.

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